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About Trenchless Solutions

Offering trenchless water and sewer line replacement or rehabilitation.

We utilize trenchless technologies also known as “no-dig” for underground pipe replacement. We use horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pipe bursting, and pipe lining to replace your underground utilities. We install gas, water, and sewer lines with minimal surface disturbance. We can replace lines under decks, fences, trees, patios, driveways, retaining walls, sidewalks, parking lots, and structures. Give us a call to look at your next project!


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It is never fun to have an unexpected problem that requires a high cost repair. When I had a leak in my water service line, I got three bids, and Trenchless Solutions provided the lowest price estimate. Kurt was very professional when he came to do the estimate and seemed to know a lot about the type of work that needed to be done. The work was done promptly and the result looks good. I am still waiting for one last detail, some asphalt overlay which had to be subcontracted out and is scheduled in the coming weeks. Kurt communicated the schedule with me prior to starting the project, and he also kept me apprised of the progress as it went along. I would recommend Trenchless Solutions without hesitation.

Mary Ellen H.




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